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Best Golf Gloves for beginners


Playing with the best golf gloves can improve any golfer’s game, beginner or professional. Gloves are sometimes disregarded in comparison to other golf equipment such as clubs, the finest golf shoes, and balls, but they are an essential piece of equipment that should be in every golf bag. 

This post will review some of the best golf gloves for beginners.


1. Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

For the price, the Callaway Dawn Patrol is a well-made glove. At $12, it’s one of the most cheap gloves from one of the golf world’s most recognizable brands. Even with one of its most affordable offerings, Callaway’s reputation for quality shines through.

It offers a more “professional” vibe than we’d anticipate for the price. We appreciate how it has an elastic band in the cuff like the tour-quality versions, which provided a thin, light, and secure fit when we wore it for a complete round.


  • Very inexpensive
  • It comes from a well-known brand.


  • Perforations will degrade with time.

2. FootJoy Men’s Pure Touch Limited Golf Gloves

The FootJoy Pure Touch Limited delivers exceptional comfort and grip thanks to its soft and beautiful Cabretta leather and tightly fitted fit, earning it our overall best golf glove. The chosen Cabretta leather has exactly the right amount of softness, tackiness, and thickness to create a comfortable, ergonomic fit as well as a confident grip. The supple leather has a well-shaped fit and a high-end feel, and it contours to the hand and fingers without any excess bulk or bunched-up material.


  • Exceptionally well-tailored fit
  • Grip and club feel are excellent.
  • Leather of high grade is soft and supple.


  • Expensive
  • High-quality leather can wear out faster than less expensive materials.

3.  BIONIC Bionic Gloves –Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove

The Bionic StableGrip is our take for players with hand problems like as arthritis, thanks to carefully placed cushioned inserts that aid increase grip pressure. The cushioned palm and padded bands around each finger significantly enhance contact pressure with the club, which might be quite beneficial for people who suffer with grip pressure. The overall fit is also quite comfortable and ergonomic, with high-quality materials.

The cushioned inserts can also dramatically reduce the sensation between the hand and the club, which can be detrimental to finesse players. Competitive golfers should be aware that the Bionic StableGrip is only permitted in USGA championships with a medical waiver. Most recreational golfers who aren’t intending on competing in any formal tournaments won’t have to worry about that and may profit from the unusual design.


  • Padded inserts improve grip and club contact.
  • Ergonomic, comfortable fit
  • Superior materials


  • Except with a medical waiver, not permitted to compete in USGA events.
  • Thick padding might interfere with feel and skill.
  • Multiple seams and Lycra inserts may compromise durability.

4. Tour Preferred Glove, Left Hand, Large

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred is made of 100% AAA Cabretta Soft Tech Leather, which provides luxury comfort and an elegant appearance. The leather is precisely the appropriate thickness and tackiness to improve grip without sacrificing feel or elegance. The glove is well-made and has the feel of a high-end product.

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred falls somewhat short of other premium models in terms of fit perfection. The fingers are well-shaped, however the overall size is a little thick, with surplus material gathering on the back of the hand. Of course, different golfers with various hand shapes and sizes may have varied fit experiences and perceptions — but we discovered that the general accuracy is less polished than in other top-tier models. Nonetheless, this is a premium product that falls just shy of the top competitors.

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  • Cabretta leather is supple and grippy.
  • Outstanding comfort and feel


  • Fit is not as precise as it might be.
  • Expensive


1. What makes a golf glove good?

A solid golf glove will provide players with a strong grip on the club while minimizing blisters and calluses, order to make the game more pleasurable, especially if you consistently hit the green. A well-made glove also provides a golfer with a natural feel for the club while also protecting the hand.

2. Do you wear one or two golf gloves?

If you play golf right-handed, you will wear a glove on your left hand. Golfers only use one glove since wearing two provides no additional value. You don’t need to grasp the club tightly with your right hand (if you’re a right-handed golfer), and it serves more as a stabilizer.

3. Can you wear 2 gloves in golf?

On the other end of the scale, a few readers recently inquired about wearing two gloves while golfing. Yes, you can play golf with two gloves, and nothing hinders you from doing so. While it avoids blisters on both hands, it also diminishes the sensation and feedback on shoots, which I dislike.

Final Thoughts

Our website offers a large variety of golf gloves for beginners types and price ranges, making it an excellent spot to begin your search. If you want to create the most strong tower possible, you must examine the material in this article as well as your short- and long-term goals.