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what is washington gym?

Group Strength Training Program – Guided By Full Time Coaches

Unlimited Nutritional Guidance – Scaled to Match Your Goals

▻ Quick One-Hour Sessions – Includes Warmup, Full Demonstration, And Active Coaching During The Session

No PreBooking Required! We Are Totally Flexible!

▻ Our Membership Includes Unlimited Training – Come Everyday (Max 1 Session/Day)

Fun And Supportive Community – Access to Special Educational Workshops, Fun Events And More!


Benefits To Our Program

▻ Proven Method Anyone Can Follow

▻ Designed For Any Age Or Fitness Level

▻ Easy-To-Follow Nutritional Roadmap

▻ Experienced Full-Time Coaches Guiding You Through The Program

▻ 3 Hours A Week Is Easy For Anyone

▻ Take The First Step Towards A Stronger, Healthy Lifestyle NOW!

Choose From Two Great Houston Locations

1925 Washington Ave

Our original location In the heart of the Washington Corridor – easy access from The Heights, Downtown, Rice Military

4019 Richmond Ave

Our newest location in the Greenway / West University Area.





Beginners: Hear how our program helped these 3 clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Washington Gym Service All Fitness Levels? What if I’ve never done anything like this before or are too weak to start?

ANSWER: We love this question! We actually have a Foundations level that is ran concurrently with our Lifestyle level meaning we service all levels in one session. It’s taken us 9 years to master. Our Foundations level was designed specifically to prepare your body for the fundamental movements needed to be strong, functional and healthy.

We find out your current strength level during your orientation through our movement assessment. Our team will be able to quickly assess your strength level and then help you get stronger through our very unique program.

Q: Can I Put My Account On Hold For Vacations Or Business Trips?

ANSWER: You can put your account on hold up to 3 times a year. The minimum term is 2 weeks and the maximum term is 6 weeks.

Q: If I Want To Make This A Lifestyle Change And Join For At Least A Year, Can I Upgrade For Longer Than 6 Months?

ANSWER: You definitely can as that is pretty common! All you’ll need to do is send an email to our Support Department and they’ll get that handled for you. Contact us as soon as you know so we can make the change before the next billing cycle starts!

Q: Do you guys work around injuries?

ANSWER: All of the time. In fact, we have chiropractors and doctors who send their patients directly to us and in some cases along with medical records. If you have injuries, we want to help you resolve them while simultaneously reaching your strength and wellness goals! It really can be done all at once if you know what you’re doing.

Q: Can I use both locations with my membership?

ANSWER: This is a great question. At Washington Gym, we only hire Full-Time coaches because we want our team to get to know all of our clients. If clients were able to float between both locations, they wouldn’t know about a clients injuries, goals, strength level, nutritional guidance, etc.

Most importantly, allowing clients to move around would lower the coaching standard that we have which is why clients must choose the location that is most convenient to their lifestyle. We also want clients to see the same people to build community which is absolutely crucial in making this a healthy lifestyle.

Q: I see that if I book online for the challenge that the date starts today. Does that mean if I can’t start until a few more days from now that I’ll lose days?

ANSWER: Our booking system requires us to have the date set as the day you signup but we will change that date in our system as soon as we communicate with you. What we do is reach out to you after booking to find out your schedule for orientation and when you can start. Then we go into the system and adjust it.

Q: Who Do I Contact For Membership Changes or To Change My Credit Card?

ANSWER: Our support department handles anything with regards to your account. All you need to do is email and they will help you!

Q: What if I have more questions?

ANSWER: Please just contact us on our contact form or text us at 832-413-1889 and we’ll get back to you immediately. If you don’t have any more questions, just go ahead and signup now and we’ll reach out to you right away!

Q: What is the next step I need to take?

ANSWER: Signup for our program and we’ll take it from there. You just need to book directly on our website and then we will connect with you to get you setup for orientation. It’s that simple!

We Know You Have Questions. We’ll walk you through the entire program get you moving closer towards your goals immediately.

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